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01 . How can I play CSC Jackpot 6/39 Game?

You can log on the system, execute the account verification, load of BTC and play.

02 . How can I have free ticket?

There are two steps:

  • 1. Register account (Free) and verify by email
  • 2. Invite new user by link referrals and play game.

03 . How long can I take the Prize?

Maximum of 7 days.

04 . How much is payout fee for awards?

The fee is based on the value of the prize the player receives. From 0% -5% / 1 award.

05 . How to check the transparency of the system?

In order to check the transparency of system, you can check on block hash system. For example, you can also check the keywords, or code. Besides, you can check on our github.

06 . Can I have to multiple accounts for CSC Jackpot?

One email address for only one account.

07 . What to do if I forgot password?

Please click on “Forget password” and wait for instructions from email. Or you can contact to us: [email protected]scjackpot.com

08 . How can I see my personal profile?

  • Click on the left of the homepage, then you will see the personal data and check.
  • Click on history transactions, then you will see your transaction.

09 . How can I check the last result?

Click on Lotto Result and check it out.